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Welcome to my site! This collects the works of Hilmy Abdul Rahim.

I was a Producer in two game companies, and have taught multimedia and game development at three different Universities including the current one.

I currently teach game development at KDU University College. I teach a variety of topics on game development with a focus on design. I have taught classes on Design Fundamentals, Business & Marketing for game devs and Narrative in Games. I am currently teaching Game Genre Studies, Games Media Studies, Human Computer Interaction for Games and Game World Creation. If that looks varied, that’s because when I started teaching game development, there was no specialized post, thus I had to cover a wide variety of topics under design.

I do art on an amateur basis. Mainly SAI and Photoshop. It helps my interest in Worldbuilding, as I’m able to flesh out concepts and convey the idea to others.

I teach prototyping and iterative design for training game designers. You can see the works the students from my classes did here:

I have written on how I researched and applied prototyping for teaching game designers in these links:

I conduct short interviews. Mainly on game development, because that’s the field a lot of people have questions about, and it seemed easier to be able to say “look, go here and hear what he or she said.” Very handy for teaching, this.

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