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AI Paintover

Experimenting with adding AI to the pipeline. The AI generated pieces tend to be quite good at providing silhouettes that seemed evocative, and thus pushing me to figure out how to render a character while retaining the feel.

There’s a lot of discourse on AI-generated art now, and I gotta say I like Loish’s approach to the situation. If one can make that part of their pipeline, the time savings could allow for more production to happen.

Fun to play with.

Animated “Kali Sticks Wielding Soldier” Using Unity 2D Tools

Trying out Unity’s 2D tools to convert my OC into an animated character. The rig isn’t perfect with obvious gaps here and there because I didn’t anticipate how much I’d stretch the character parts, but it was interesting to see how far I can push the animations from a single image source.

Breakdown of the character took about half a day. Rigging was done multiple times, but once I understood how I should rig the character, it took about ten minutes to redo a new rig. Each animation took between 30 mins to an hour.