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Prototyping for game design: What I taught game design students to do to prove themselves

This is a collection of game prototypes¬†from game design students taking my class on Game Genre Studies in KDU. In this class, they are tasked to work alone creating a game using an iterative process.¬†What you see below are works from solo designers creating game prototypes, using a design-test-iterate model over a span of 5 or 10 iterations. Art used are rough placeholders, programming is limited by what the designers can figure out to do with Stencyl, but the designers have to show using testing that they’re able to *evolve* a prototype into a fun, playable game using testing feedback.

Do check ’em out and see if the prototypes prove that these students can do game design.


10-week iteration process. Game is playable here at

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Enviroment Design – Photobash of Divumidas’s Construct

Photobash of a World Design Construct using the refs indicated by the student’s game design doc. He referenced an ancient Indian reservoir – which I recognized due to the epic sense of scale – and thus mocked out how that reservoir would look based on his guidelines. Again, the purpose is to demonstrate how his designs can be visually interpreted by an artist.

One day work.